What do we offer to investors?

LAIF funding partners are three innovative Latin American Insurance companies: Colón Compañía de Seguros, Binaria Seguros and Hipotecario Seguros. And we envision the addition of new companies in the upcoming phases of deployment and consolidation.

New investors will have direct access to innovation in Insurtech and equity in startups via the LAIF fund.

They will also have the benefit of preferential participation in the M&A process.

As partners in the fund, new investors will have a direct relationship with projects, acquiring their expertise and learning innovative management practices. This will allow them to share the startup experience and promote innovation within their insurance companies.

Why to invest?

Direct Access to Insurtech Innovation

Global in Scope

Equity in the Fund & Startups

Promote Innovative Management Practices within their companies

Innovation in other industries usually come from the outside. We believe that the transformation of the insurance industry will come from independent startups that will add value to the different processes involved in the insurance business.

LAIF provides for significant investment diversification, offering an extensive list of startups throughout the region.

We know both the insurance business and the technology-based world of entrepreneurs up close. So we aim to bring them together in a mutually beneficial relationship to allow:

  • The world of entrepreneurs to access genuine financing and new markets.
  • The insurance industry to learn the most innovative management practices.

At what time does LAIF invest?